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Kosovar companies have begun to penetrate the international market.

Kosovar companies have begun to penetrate the international market. Many Kosovar producers have started to sell their quality products in the international market, despite the difficulties they have in doing business. Although the number of those manufacturers selling in the overseas market is not large, it is very important that they are introducing quality products to the overseas consumer.

Among those manufacturers that export to the foreign market is Fluid, a liquid production company, which these days has launched 6 new liquid products which it has already started to export to major markets such as the USA, the Netherlands. , Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, and Albania. Of course these products because of their quality have found a place on the shelves of markets in these countries. Apparently the original flavors of orange, cranberry, peach, apple, green apple and cherry, have attracted the attention of foreign buyers and are being consumed in these countries.

The new packaging preserves the taste and originality of fruit juices, making the product popular even in unexplored markets for Kosovar producers. The first deliveries of new products started last week, while it is expected that in the coming months there will be even more new products present in foreign markets. From a business point of view, this is a great achievement not only for a Kosovar business but also for the Kosovar economy itself. Access to large markets will provide producers with greater opportunities for investment in the country, local employment and economic growth of the country. This trend that started with Fluidi can bring great benefits to all, thus creating a good opportunity for other Kosovar producers to participate in foreign markets, thus competing with the quality of products of those countries.




29 May, 2018

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29 May, 2018

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