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FLUIDI has started operating in September 1994, with production of soft drinks “Extra” in 1.5 l plastic packaging, which was successfully placed mainly in local market. With increasing demands FLUIDI has increased its capacity by launching modern technology from developed countries.
Thus, in 1997 FLUIDI launched production line of fresh drinks in aluminum can of 0.2 l, and technology for the production of plastic packaging.

Despite difficult circumstances and great competition, FLUIDI exceeded quality standards and created a reputation to its customers by expanding the market day by day.
That FLUIDI Company keeps up with the trend it is best shown by investment the company made, such as investment to launch a production line for dense juices in 0.2 l glass packaging in 2003. In this year, consumers had the pleasure to taste “Jaffa Champion” products and this quality was welcomed by local consumers, but also it attracted foreign consumers. In a short period of time “Jaffa Champion” brand, was available in well know cafeterias in Switzerland, and they were extremely well accepted. At the same time Jaffa products were present in Macedonian and Albanian market, recently Jaffa products are penetrating in the market of England, but will not stop there because “Jaffa Champion” soon will be present in many markets outside our borders!

Exporter of the Year

During 2013 Fluidi achieved another milestone. Fluidi became the highest exporter of the country.

Certified from ISO 9001-2000

In 2007 Fluidi is certified from ISO 9001-2000 and Cac/Rcp1-1969

In 2004, Fluidi opened his new juices factory in Gjilan, launching for the first time, with newest technologies, produce of licensed juices from RC “Royal Crown Cola International”.

Fluid has started its activity in 1994. Despite many difficult periods, has managed to stay and also to increase in local and regional market.

In the time of development and economic progress in 2004 FLUIDI made a major investment, opening a new factory in Gjilan, Kosova, where it launched the latest technology for production licensed RC juices. American company “Royal Crown Cola International” favored FLUID achievements and gave the license for the production of RC Cola and other RC brands, with the distribution right in 4 countries: Kosova, Macedonia, Albania and Serbia.
The activities for analyzing critical control points of hazard products and management system with products quality, FLUIDI in early 2007 was certified with HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 standards. So, intention of FLUIDI Company for providing original and qualitative product was and will remain among the most important tasks which will not spare no efforts and our daily commitments.


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Fluidi Inc. is certified from ISO 9001:2000 dhe HACCP,
as gold partner.

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